A key part of the Jamiya Project is reconnecting Syrian academics to help open up higher education opportunities for Syrian refugee students. We are creating a cadre of Syrian and Arabic-speaking academics around the world to join the Jamiya Project, and to participate in course development, translation (or material sourcing), online tuition, online lecturing, and in-person tuition. For more information please contact

  • Who we are looking for

Syrian academics in exile and diaspora, who have trained either in Syria or overseas, as well as other Arabic-speaking academics who wish to contribute. We require academics to have working level English to work for the Jamiya Project.

  • Qualifications

We are looking for a range of qualified academics, from PhD candidates to experienced Professors in Computer Science and Applied IT, Engineering, Social Science (development studies focus desirable), Teacher training

  • Location

You can work with the Jamiya Project from anywhere in the world. We are particularly looking for academics based in the Middle East.

  • Remuneration

We anticipate academics will be remunerated for work done on the project.

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