What is the Jamiya Project?

The Jamiya Project's vision is that all Asylum seekers, refugees and conflict-affected communities have access to the education they require for rebuilding their communities after conflict and disaster or for success and integration in new societies.

We to pursue breakthroughs that improve education opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers and conflict-affected communities through research, collaboration and interventions.

Currently, the Jamiya Project is focussing on runningseveral pilots and prototypes to test new ways of supporting and delivering higher education for Syrian refugees, asylum seekers and conflict-affected communities, and working with refugee academic communities.

I'm Syrian. How can I give you my views?

That's great! Click here to send us an email in either Arabic or English, whichever you prefer.

How can I get involved?

Send us an email sending us a bit about you and why you want to get involved.

Why can't Syrian refugees access higher education?

There is no one reason, but research indicates that Syrian refugees suffer from language barriers, prohibitive costs, restricted local admission systems, balance between work and study, uncertainty of the future, and a lack of documented qualifications. The Jamiya Project will build a platform that finds solutions to all these barriers.

Where did you get the 100,000 figure from?

There are various estimates from several sources. The Institute of International Education and their estimates in reports in Syria crisis and this EU commission report give a good guide. But the truth is nobody knows the exact number and it could be larger than this because of the number of Syrians passing their high school exam since in other countries.

Why isn't your website in Arabic?

It will be soon!