Call for mentors

The Jamiya Project Mentor Programme connects students around the world with Jamiya Project students studying in the Middle East. Mentors play a significant part in motivating Jamiya Project students to make the most of their studies, broaden their horizons and make connections overseas. Mentors play informal pastoral role by connecting online (via email or skype) once a week with students to discuss their progress and encourage their efforts. The mentor is not expected to have expert knowledge of the student's’ course of study, but instead to provide support, guidance and friendship to the student throughout their study.

We are currently looking for both Arabic and English speaking mentors for our upcoming Applied IT course, which starts in September 2016. Mentors can be located anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection and one hour a week to make a real difference to the education experience of Jamiya Project students. Apply below and we'll be in touch with more information.

How it Works

The Jamiya Project team will match you with a suitable student on one of our courses. We will then arrange an online introduction between you and the student, where you can fix a weekly time to discuss the student's progress. Mentors liaise with the Jamiya team every fortnight to relay feedback on the student’s experience and their own experience as a mentor.