Pilot Evaluation

One of the reasons for running a small pilot was to learn quickly, adapt our model and fully meet the needs of Syrian students. During February 2017, the Jamiya Project commissioned Leon Cremonini to conduct an independent evaluation of our pilot courses in Applied ITrun in partnership with the University of Gothenburg in Za'atari and Amman in Applied IT. You can find the final report and appendices here.


Jamiya Project Survey: Syrian refugee higher education needs (Nov 15 - Feb 16)

We wanted to better understand the higher education challenges facing Syrian refugees, so we created an open online form for Syrians to fill in. It was posted online for a few months from November - February and received over 800 results! This has been extremely useful in shaping our projects. For those interested in crunching the data themselves, we've opened up the raw results here. Have fun!


European Commission's Study to design intervention policy on Higher Education Access for Syrian refugees (Oct 14 - May 15)

Co-conducted by Malaz Safarjalani, the study was implemented by Proman LU for the benefit of the European Commission. The study explored the potential of higher education access for Syrian youth resulting in an action fiche for MADAD fund. The study explores possible solutions to tackle several hurdles facing Syrian refugees trying to access Higher Education in the Middle East.